Macarthur Heat Representative Program-

Macarthur Basketball Association is a member of Basketball New South Wales. This allows us to participate in the BNSW run, Metro Junior League. This representative program takes the best players from each association and plays them against each other. Some teams include Camden, Sutherland, Penrith, Blacktown, castle Hills, Springwood, Manly, Hornsby and North Sydney. Games are played on a Sunday.


Season fees: $750 inc GST

.Uniform costs: $175- This is not included in the season fee.

The season fees will be broken into 4 payments throughout the season

Deposit: $200 Due 10/11/2022

Payment 1: $200 Due 17/2/2023

Payment 2: $200 due 21/4/2023

Payment 3: $150 due 28/5/2023

The deposit must be paid in full and up front. This payment is not refundable if they athlete wishes to withdraw from the team. If this is not paid by the due date, the athlete/s will be removed from the team.

*All individuals will be purchasing a new uniform for the 2022 season. 

** Uniforms will not be ordered until they have been paid in full. Payments and sizes will need to be paid with the deposit.

2023 Age Groups

Under 12’s: Born 2012 and 2013.

Under 14’s: Born 2010 and 2011.

Under 16’s: Born 2008 and 2009.

Under 18’s: Born 2006 and 2007.


Teams will not be accepted and nominated to Basketball New South Wales unless the following happens:

10 players accept their position by paying their deposit

A head coach, assistant coach and manager accept positions on the team


Each team will be required to train a minimum of once a week. Training sessions will take place on a Tuesday or Thursday night at Minto Indoor Sports Centre.


Preseason involves the team’s training a minimum of once a week at either Minto Indoor Sports Centre or another venue which the team has agreed to train at. During preseason training, trial games may take place. These games are organised by the coaches and have to be agreed to by MBA. MBA will not help in finding referees, venue or opposition teams.

IIn this time, there will be up to 5 weekends where teams may be asked to trial by BNSW to see which division they will be placed in. These games can be played on either a Saturday or Sunday and teams could play up to 3 games a weekend. Not all teams will be asked to partake in the team trials. These games could be played anywhere within the Sydney Metro.


Teams will be required to train a minimum of once a week.

Games will be played on a Sunday in a home and away fixture. Games will be played across the Sydney Metro depending on what teams are in the team’s division will depend on where the games will be played. The season is 14 games not including pre season or finals. The draw is completed after week 2 of the season and will be available online.


The top 4 teams from each division will play in the semi-finals. The winner of each semi-final will play each other the following week in the Grand Final. These games will be at a venue determined by BNSW.


Anyone interested in coaching or being a part of the coaching staff (assistant coach or manager) in the 2022 MJL season must complete the application form and send it in before the due date.

If by the time of the first trial there is no head coach and assistant coach that team will not go ahead.21/5