BNSW Registration

The Basketball New South Wales registration and Macarthur Basketball membership is an annual fee which is required to be paid to take the court to play, train, coach or referee.

The registration last for 12 months from when it is paid.

All players must have a current membership/ registration to take the court. Anyone who has an expired membership will not be able to take the court to play or train under any circumstances.

No Membership, no play!

If you have any questions, please email

All players must have a current membership (registration) to take the court.

PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS A SEPERATE FEE TO THE TRAINING AND COMPETITION FEES! Paying this membership does NOT automatically place you inti a training program or competition.


Under 8 years old: $80

9 to 11 years old: $95

12 to 17 years old: $120

18 years and older: $135

To pay for your membership, please click the link below.