•  Junior Winter Basketball Competition

    All games are played at Minto Indoor
    Sports Centre, 9 Redfern Road Minto

    Anyone who has not paid the deposit, and is looking to play in the Winter competition, you will need to email information@macarthurbasketball.com.au to see if there is any spots available in the competition you are looking to play in. Spots are now limited!

    Anyone who does not make payment will NOT be placed into a team and will not be able to take the court to play until it has been paid along side the individual membership/ registration fee. 

    Age Groups (Winter competition- Term 2
    2023 to end of Term 3 2023

    Under 12’s: Born 2012 and 2013.

    Under 14’s: Born 2010 and 2011.

    Under 16’s: Born 2008 and 2009.

    Under 18’s: Born 2006 and 2007.

    Costs-There are two separate costs for the Winter season

    1.     Season Fee

    2.      Individual membership/ registration- This is an
    annual payment lasting 12 months from when it has been paid.

    Season Fee: $285 per player (under 14,
    16, and 18 boys and girls)

    Deposit: $75- This will be paid at the sign-up
    session in person

    26/5/2023- $110

    4/8/2023- $100

    Season Fee: $275 per player (under

    Deposit: $75- This will be paid at the
    sign-up session in person

    26/5/2023- $100

    4/8/2023- $100


    Uniform: $50- This is only for players
    who require a uniform for the new season. Uniforms will not be ordered until
    the $50 has been paid

    All players must have paid their
    deposit before taking the court. If you have an active kids voucher and wish to
    use it, please email it to 

    Individual membership/ Registration

    All players must have a current
    membership/ registration to take the court. Anyone who has an expired
    membership will not be able to take the court to play under any circumstances.
    If you have any questions, please email information@macarthurbasketball.com.au
    All players must have a current membership (registration) to take the court.


    Under 8 years old: $80

    9 to 11 years old: $95

    12 to 17 years old: $120

    18 years and older: $135

    To pay for your membership, please

    No Membership, no play! This is
    a separate fee to the season fee!

    Week 1 Dates:

    Under 12’s- 1/5/2023

    Under 14 boys- 28/4/2023

    Under 16 boys- 28/4/2023

    Under 18 Boys- 28/4/2023

    Junior Girls- 28/4/2023

    Format- Under 14, 18 and 18 boys and girls

    Weeks played- 20 

    Regular season games- 18

    Finals- 2

    Format- Under 12’s

    Weeks played-19

    Regular season games- 17

    Finals- 2


    Semi Finals: Dates

    Under 12’s- 11/9/2022

    Friday Nights- 15/9/2022

    Grand Finals: Dates

    Under 12’s- 18/9/2023

    Friday Nights- 22/9/2023 


    Player will be kept with the same team
    as best we can. If you wish to play for another team or want to create a new
    team, please let the staff know on the night of sign up.


    MBA does not provide coaches for the
    teams. If you are interested in coaching your child’s team, please click the
    link below to express your interest. 

    Please be aware that all coaches MUST
    have a current Working With Children Check.



It is up to the team to organise and run training sessions if they wish.

MBA provides individual training sessions which are available throughout the weeks. This is an additional cost to the individual if they wish to participate in one of the programs