Term 2

programs- Term 2 2023

Macarthur Basketball Association offers three level of training programs.

1.    Beginner- Learn to Play: Players who are new to basketball and are looking to learn the skills.
2.   Intermediate: Players who play local competition or have a good idea of the basic fundermentals of basketball.
3.   High Performance: Players who are looking to play representative basketball or who are already playing representative basketball
Our programs run for the duration of the school term and are run out of Minto Indoor Sports Centre. There are certain times when the venue becomes unavailable, and sessions do have to be cancelled. Please make note of the unavailable session which are listed below.

Participating in any of the training programs DOES NOT mean they are in a team playing games.
Venue: Minto Indoor Sports Centre, 9 Redfern Road, Minto
Please be aware that ALL training/ Development programs are pay up front, no pay as you go is available. This is due to the high interest in our programs and having limited spots on court available. 

All individuals MUST enroll online to be able to part take in any of the training sessions.

We will not hold positions for people who have not paid for the term.
Make up sessions are determined on a case by case basis.
Start Dates
Tuesday Learn to Play: 
Wednesday: 26/4/2023
Thursday Aussie Hoops: 27/4/2023
Saturday: 29/4/2023
Unavailable Dates:

Pre Schoolers
Level: Beginner
Age Groups: 3-5 years old
Days and times: Wednesday-5.00 pm to 5.45 pm

Name: Sparks
Level: Beginner/ Intermediate
Age Groups: 4-9 years old
Days and times:
4.45 pm to 5.45 pm  

Saturday- 10.00- 10.55 am

Name: Flames
Level: Beginner/ Intermediate
Age Group: 9- 16-year old’s
Days and times:
5.00 pm to 6.00 pm-  Beginner/ Intermediate
Wednesday- 4.45 pm to 5.45 pm- Beginner/ Intermediate
Saturday- 9.00- 9.55 am- Intermediate

Name: Aussie Hoops

Level: Beginner/ Intermediate
Age Group: 5– 9-year old’s
Days and times:
Thursday- 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Coaches or MBA staff are allowed to move players from one group to another if they think they are not being challenged or move a player if the program is not right for them. This may result in a different time and day.

There are two costs involved in the training programs. Both fees are separate to each other, and you cannot take the court and train until both fees have been paid.
1.   Annual membership/ Insurance
   Term training fee

Annual Membership- This is a one-off payment which will be made annually. This fee needs to be paid to be able to take the court to train or play. This is a separate fee to the training fee. This is not a requirement for Aussie Hoops.

Under 8 years old: $80
9 to 11 years old: $95
12 to 17 years old: $120
18 years and older: $135

To pay this fee, please click the link below:


Active Kids Vouchers
If you wish to use an active kids vouchers towards the payment, please email the voucher, child’s name and date of birth along with what program you are enrolling them into to accounts@macarthurbasketball.com.au
You must still complete the online form and click pay later before sending the voucher.

Term Training Fee


Tuesday new

Tuesday Return

Wednesday New

Wednesday Return

Saturday New

Saturday Return

Pre School
















All individuals need to be enrolled in the program they wish online before taking the court. Even if they have participated in that class in the past. All payments are required to be made online via the link below. Active Kids Vouchers can be used towards making payment.
Click HERE to enroll into a program

For Aussie Hoops enrollment, please click HERE

If you have any questions, please email development@macarthurbasketball.com.au