Open Men’s Autumn Competition


Season Cost: $1900 per team

Weeks: 16 regular season weeks plus
semi-final and grand final

Start Date: March 15th

Nominations close: March 6th


$1900 per team

Each team captain or coach will be in charge of collecting the money from the team and paying the invoice to MBA.

MBA will not accept individual payments from players (unless using an Active Kids Voucher).

The team captain/ coach will be responsible for recording who has and has not paid. If one individual has not paid, the team
will be dealt with as a whole.

If fees are paid late, there will be a late payment fee. Fees will be split up into 3 payments.

Payment 1 Due 18/3/2023 – $250: This is due with the team nomination paperwork. This is a non-refundable payment.

Payment 2 Due 4/4/2023– $800

Payment 3 Due 17/5/23 – $850

If teams fall to far behind with payments, they will be removed from the competition with no money being refunded or credited.

If your team forfeits a game without being a minimum of 48 hours prior to your tip off, your team will be fined $120 which will be required to be paid within 7 days of the forfeit.

Late payment fees- $50 for every week the payment has not been paid.

Please note, if individuals owe money from previous seasons, they must pay their outstanding invoices to be accepted into the new season


Please email with the team contacts name, mobile and team name. You will be emailed a team nomination form which
must be filled out and returned. 

If you do not have a team, but are interested in playing, please email

Team conditions of entry please click HERE

Team nominations, please click HERE

Time slots

6.30 pm

7.30 pm

8.30 pm

Individual membership/ Registration

All players must have a current membership/ registration to take the court. Anyone who has an expired membership will not be able to take the court to play under any circumstances.

No Membership, no play!

If you have any questions, please email


Teams can have up to 10 players nominated to play throughout the season.

All players must have a current membership (registration) before taking the court. At no stage can anyone without a current membership take the court.

NO players can be added to the score sheet without permission from the court supervisors.

If you wish to add a player to your team, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice must be given to MBA in writing before your scheduled tip off. This player than must be approved before taking the court.


The number of divisions and final say on what teams plays in what division will be approved/ changed by MBA depending on how many teams nominate to play in the season. Teams can be moved up or down
a division depending on results and team lists.


All members or your team must have the same uniform with no duplicates of playing numbers. Uniform colours must be written on the team nomination form.